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Quality fittings and furnishings are enhanced by the marble floors throughout the villas, ducted air-conditioning and wireless internet. Additionally, the villas feature:

Chest Press Machine

The machine chest press is a machine-based exercise targeting the chest. It approximates the motion of a bench press but is usually performed facing forward and seated upright. Many machines offer multiple grip options, such as overhand, neutral (palms facing), or underhand.

Shoulder Press Machine

The seated shoulder press machine is a fixed weight machine that replicates the movement of a seated shoulder press. The shoulder press machine primarily targets the deltoids, with some involvement from the triceps and clavicular head of the pecs.

Lat Pulldown Machine

The Lat Pulldown Machine is a weight training equipment that targets the latissimus dorsi muscles, which are located in the upper back. The machine consists of a long bar attached to a cable and pulley system, with an adjustable seat and thigh pads.

Cable Column

The Cable Column is a multipurpose system specially designed for optimal multidirectional neuromuscular training. The systems design enables both single sided as double sided exercises in a standing or seated position

Leg Press Machine 

There are two leg press machines commonly found in gyms : the standard horizontal leg press and the 45-degree leg press, with a seat that reclines at an angle while your legs press upward in a diagonal direction. Both machines develop the quadriceps and hamstrings of the thigh and the gluteus (buttocks)

Abdominal Bench

This Adjustable abdominal exercise bench is used to target abdominal muscles to strengthen your core while performing exercises with this bench set in different positions. It's a compact equipment for targeting the abdominal muscles effectively, that can also be used in small fitness facilities.


A treadmill is a stationary exercise machine that features a walking or running belt designed for indoor cardio exercise. Many treadmills offer a range of speed and incline settings, making them accessible pieces of fitness equipment for individuals at any cardio fitness level.

Eliptical Machine

an exercise machine like a stationary bike without a seat, so that exercising is done in an upright position, and having pedals that the user moves in an elliptical pattern, believed to minimize strain on the knee joints.

Pec Deck Fly

A machine fly, alternatively called a seated lever fly or "Pec Deck" fly is a strength training exercise based on the free weight chest fly. As with the chest fly, the hand and arm move through an arc while the elbow is kept at a constant angle.

Pull Up Bar

A pullup bar is a piece of exercise equipment made of metal, with rubber or foam grips. You can attach the bar to a wall, ceiling, or doorframe.


A dumbbell is a short bar with weights on either side which people use for physical exercise to strengthen their arm and shoulder muscles.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are specially fabricated mats used to prevent hands and feet slipping during asana practice in modern yoga as exercise.

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