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7 of the bombs are fake and Nick is going to die within minutes. The next scene is the boys driving around and stop and look at different houses with junk piled up around it. They knock on a door and Travis gets to the house first. He knocks again and then runs away. Dwayne follows and gets there a moment later. The dog is scared by Travis and Dwayne says that they are the police and the boys will be arrested. Dwayne goes in and finds a book with a Time Bomb and he pushes the button. Travis then arrives and it's revealed that he's the pizza delivery boy. Dwayne says that the police can't find him and he's going to bomb the house. Dwayne takes the book and leaves. Travis says that the book says no one can disarm the bomb but he can. He begins to push the button and he decides to put the book down and holds the timer himself. The next scene is in the basement of the house. Nick has been taken to the basement and put in a room. Dwayne and Travis have a meeting with him. Dwayne says that they have no hope and he will kill them both. Travis says that they should throw a bunch of metal pipes at Dwayne and he'll be killed too. Dwayne says that he is going to leave and then he'll come back and blow up the house. He goes out and we see a clown comes out. He says that he has the timer for the bomb and he'll disarm the bomb. He shows the timer to Travis and the bomb explodes. The clown is gone. Travis and Dwayne say that they had no hope. Dwayne says that now they need the police and there is a chance they will find Nick. They go out to the house and the movie ends. Cast Dwayne Johnson as Dwayne Bo Derek as Travis' Mom Travis Barker as Travis Eric Roberts as Nick Dan Rowan as Dwayne's Dad Eugene Levy as Talking Clown Alfred Molina as Nick's Dad Brian Cox as Guy at Pizza Shop Lorraine Bracco as Woman at Pizza Shop Soundtrack The score was composed by Stewart Copeland and performed by the 21st Century Orchestra. References External links Category:2002 films Category:2000s action comedy films Category:American films Category:English-language films Category:American comedy thriller films Category:American action comedy




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30 Minutes Or Less 2011 Brrip 720p Dual Audio Hin-eng

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